Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zombie Boy

It has taken artist/model Rick Genest, who has coined the nickname "Zombie Boy," six years to be tattooed into what he claims to be a living corpse. You may recognize him from Lady Gaga's video "Born this way" or from French fashion designer Thierry Mugler's Fall 2011/2012 ad campaign/runway show. Genest has even been a front row seat regular at many shows this past Fashion Week. 

Montreal tattoo artist, Frank Lewis, is the designer behind the artists' collaboration and first tattooed Genest when he was only 16. Genest's first rise to fame started when someone created a fan page for him on Facebook in which the number of members grew rapidly, leading to him being discovered by Lady Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti. Genest's rise to fame has not showed any signs of slowing down either. He went on to model for Vogue Hommes Japan, is the face behind Dermablend makeup's "Go Beyond the Cover" campaign," and has made appearances in other music videos as well. With Genest making appearances in runway shows, videos and magazines, we wonder where we'll see him next! 

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