1.all wrapped up necklace (also shown as headpiece and bracelet) coiled chain headpiece  3.large gold tiered earrings tiered chain vest  5.parrot wings necklace  6.dainty box pendant necklace  7.multi chain dangly earrings  8.dreamcatcher necklace  9.antique chain headpiece  10.feather hair clip  11.asante tribal necklace  12.indonesian bone earrings

"Inspiration for my Fall 2011 jewelry line came from the duality I feel as a born and raised Virginian turned New Yorker.  In my soul, I yearn for the simplistic, carefree, laid back lifestyle in which I can walk on soil and grass barefoot while taking in the beautiful sights, sounds, and smells that Mother Nature gives us.  The earthy girl inside me wants to run wild with the animals and grow the food I eat.  But I can't seem to give up the thing that makes my heart beat with delirium.  A true New Yorker now, I can't shake the high I get walking down the street in the morning while eyes turn to see what crazy ensemble I'm wearing that day.  How delightful it is to people watch on the subway or at a sidewalk cafe to see what truly unique, beautiful, wild New Yorkers walk by and imagine what their life might be like.  The thrill of fashion week, the lights, the noise, the pavement, the energy.  This collection allowed me to fuse my two peripherals to create a balanced union.  Some pieces City Girl, some pieces Country Girl, some pieces molded together to form jewelry that any girl (or guy!) can wear, wherever they are from!  Although there is nowhere else in the world I can imagine living than in the Big Apple, it will always be so very sweet to go back and visit the state that is for lovers."
                               - Designer Meriam Ahari