Monday, April 30, 2012

Snash Jewelry

As much as I heart NY, I am definitely hearting Snash Jewelry's double ring with cutout of NYC skyline. The inspiration of this line's fanciful collection seems to vary greatly from mystical creatures (dragons and dinosaurs) to your more familiar, absolute creatures (like deer and rams) to the exact opposite of nature itself (with Snash's city skyline pieces). This collection may not be cohesive but there is definitely something here for everyone. With a discreet sense of humour, see Chillaxsaurus Necklace or Baconasaurus Necklace (yes I did have to zoom in to verify that those were in fact really pigs in the dinosaurs mouth), these pieces are just straight up cool signature styles to wear as your every day go to piece. What's even cooler is that with closer inspection, some of these pieces hold a secret that only a select few will see for themselves. It's as though the wearer holds a little secret that only they know.  I also love the comical way the designer rationalizes the situational humor of its kooky pieces in the product description. What at first glance someone might think is a sweet dinosaur head necklace will realize with closer inspection that in fact, "ummm does that dinosaur have shades on...and a baby in its mouth?" Yes, yes it does....

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